What You Missed During The BMW iX Experience Day

January 30, 2023, alvingean Car Leasing

Electric vehicles (EV), the future of automobiles are here to stay! Compared to traditional petrol cars, electric vehicles are better for the environment as they do not produce any emissions which negatively impact our climate and cause air pollution. If you haven’t made the jump to EVs yet, leasing one in Singapore is a great […]

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Is It Better To Lease Or Buy A Car In Singapore?

January 9, 2023, alvingean Car Leasing

While owning a car in Singapore may be costly, it empowers greater convenience when commuting. If you are considering getting a car, here is one important question you should ask yourself – do you have the financial capability to own a car or if you should just opt for car leasing in Singapore? But, before […]

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Car Leasing VS Hire Purchase

November 18, 2020, alvingean Car Leasing

Cars in Singapore is expensive due to due to many factors, mainly the Certificate of Entitlement (COE). A piece of paper which cost over 5 digit. But that doesn’t stop people from purchasing a vehicle. Both leasing and purchase has it own advantages. So when should you lease and when you should purchase a vehicle. […]

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