Owning a vehicle is made easy with Hertz Lite Lease-to-own. 

Enjoy the convenience of driving a brand new car without worrying about road tax, insurance, servicing and maintenance. Change to a new car after 3 years or purchase the car any time at a pre-agreed amount.

Limited stocks available. T&Cs apply. The company reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any of the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

Why Lease?

1. No/Low Down payment

With leasing, you can skip the 40% down payment or finding dealers with 10 years loan. For leasing, companies will usually collect a refundable deposit. For our Hertz Lite program, we only require a $10,000 upfront* and no additional deposit is required.

2. Total Debt Servicing Ratio unaffected

With leasing, your Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) is not affected where TDSR affect the amount you can spend on debt repayments. Why is it important? It’s because it will limit the amount on your loan quantum.

3. Hassle-free experience

Leasing usually covers insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance. This allows you to leave all the administrative issues to us and just concentrate on driving. For our comprehensive lease, you also get to enjoy replacement car delivered directly to you so you do not have to worry on any down time.

4. Change Car Frequently

With leasing, you are not affected by the car depreciation, market value and be concerned on selling off the vehicle. Once the lease tenure is up, you are free to change to a new car, or choose to buy back the vehicle at a pre agreed price.

Hurry, speak to our leasing experts to find out the benefits of Hertz Lite over hire purchase. Lease now with Hertz, light on your pocket! Hertz Lite!

Benefits of Hertz Lite

Hertz Lite offers the shortest lease tenure in the market for a brand new car.


No vehicle depreciation and you have the option to own the car at predetermined value

Minimal Commitment

Just $10,000* upfront and no security deposit required

Flexible and Hassle-free

Choose your lock in lease period of 18, 24, 36 months

Peace of Mind

Inclusive of servicing*, road tax, insurance and 24h breakdown assistance

Freedom of Choice

Purchase your vehicle at any time. Extend the lease or change to a new car after the lock in lease period

*Terms and conditions applies

How Hertz Lite Works

  1. Select your preferred car model and get a quote on the price.
  2. Decide your lock in lease period of 18/24/36 months.
  3. Pay the $10,000* upfront payment together with the first month lease and get the car delivered to you once it is ready.
  4. Upon completion of the lock in lease period, choose:
    • Restart: Change to a brand-new car of your choice
    • Retain: Purchase your vehicle any time during the lease at predetermined value
    • Renew: Extend your lease term and terminate any time without penalty

Hertz Leasing Scheme Comparison

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