Long Term Leasing

Worried about the commitments of owning a car? Hertz Singapore’s fully maintained lease allows you to enjoy the luxury of driving without worrying about long-term monetary commitments!

With a range of add-on services like providing full maintenance and servicing, handling road tax and insurance matters, as well as providing replacement vehicles during servicing or accident repairs, feel at ease when you make your booking with us.

Types of Leasing Schemes Available

Comprehensive Leasing
Enjoy all-round coverage with our comprehensive leasing package! Feel at ease with comprehensive insurance coverage, and fees like Certificate of Entitlement (COE), annual road tax and inspection fees taken care of. Never worry about servicing issues with regular maintenance and servicing and replacement of tyres/batteries (for fair wear and tear). Enjoy peace of mind with 24-hour roadside assistance in Singapore and West Malaysia. In the event of breakdown, repair or servicing, a replacement vehicle will be provided in Singapore and West Malaysia. We also offer vehicle delivery and collection service during normal business hours.

This standard leasing package offers you the essential leasing benefits, such as COE coverage, and servicing packages (if any) provided by supplier/agent/dealer.

Zero Downpayment
Greater flexibility is yours with our Zero Downpayment plan! With its low cash outlay and zero downpayment, you need not incur a high upfront cost (similar to a hire purchase programme, but without downpayments of up to 40%). Buy over option is also available at any point of the contractual period after 6 months. Enjoy freedom from long term commitments, with the flexibility to get out of the contract at any time.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Subject to credit check, documents as per bank requirements
  2. Payment by GIRO upon credit approval
  3. 3 months refundable deposit and 1 month advance payment
  4. 1 year road tax and 1 year insurance payable

Benefits of leasing a car with Hertz Singapore

  1. Flexible lease tenure
  2. 0% downpayment
  3. All-in-one road tax, insurance, service and maintenance coverage
  4. Conserving lines of credit
  5. Peace of mind with zero risk on depreciation cost
  6. Fuss-free coverage of vehicle administration, including insurance and management, vehicle registration management, and vehicle funding
  7. 24/7 breakdown and recovery service in Singapore and Malaysia
  8. Exclusive Worldwide Hertz car rental offers for leisure and business travels
  9. During car downtime, Hertz Singapore will provide a replacement vehicle

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